"Cecile Fatiman: Justice" Print


Representing the Justice card is mambo (vodou priestess) Cecile Fatiman.

One of the most significant figures in Haitian history, Cecile Fatiman is known for her role in the vodou ceremony at Bois Caïman The ceremony that gave strength to the first successful slave revolt in Western history.

On August 17th 1791 the slaves came together under the leadership of a hougan (voodoo priest) Dutty Bookman to organize a revolution to end their enslavement. During the ceremony Erzulie took possession of Cecile and she cut the throat of a black female pig, stabbed it 7 times offering its blood to the crowd. The pigs blood was offered to drink and seal their loyalty to the cause of liberation. They took an oath to "viv lib ou mouri" (live free or die) and fight for their freedom and liberty.

"7 stabbings of knives, 7 stabbings of daggers.
Lend me the ganmel so I can vomit blood
My blood is running"

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